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The Boarding Dress

The Boarding dress is more like a suit in many aspects than a dress. It is comprised of three seperate pieces. The first is a princess seam jacket that crosses at the front. It has one row of 5 functional buttons, paralleled by a partial row 2 buttons that are assumably for decorative purposes.

The skirt underneath is a wrap-around skirt that allows for a relative amount of freedom while walking. This skirt is accented by a curved diagonal slant across the front of the skirt, which has 5 decorative buttons along it, close to the knee.

Underneath the suit a delicate collared blouse is worn. It is trimmed with thin white lace at the collar and cuffs. The look is completed with a violet tie.

This dress is made of fine violet striped cotton and violet velvet. The suit jacket and skirt are primarily made with the striped cotton, and they are accented with the velvet. The velvet is used on the collar and the belt of the jacket, as well as the buttons.