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The Breakfast Dress

The breakfast dress is a simple outfit, comprised of two different pieces. The first is a simple underdress- it is very likely that this is Rose's nightgown. It is a simple empire waist dress, made of a cream colored satin or silk. It has straps that are about an inch wide, and the neckline is straight across.

The overdress is actually a simple overcoat, designed to be a light and quick cover for the nightgown. It doesn't have a waist to it, but is cut like a long open t-shirt and is made of a delicate cream colored lace. The sleeves and the neckline are trimmed with a delicate green and yellow floral trim. Just below the bust line there is a small cluster of this trim. Out of this comes several dainty ribbons, accented with pieces of the trim. These ribbons are used to tie the overdress together just below the bust line. They then dangle down, adding some color to the lower portion of the dress.