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The Deck Dress

The Deck Dress is a day dress- relatively minimal in trimmings and stylings, but still elegant and classy. It is a raised-waist dress- the seam between the skirt and the bodice is at the middle of the bust. The bodice is made of a fine, cream-colored silk and is adorned with delicate golden embroidery. In keeping with the times, the bodice has a layered look to it. The main bodice fits relatively looslely, and appears to go over top of a tighter fitting bodice with long sleeves.

The skirt begins in the middle of the bust and goes down to the ground. It is made of yellow pattered silk. The skirt is made 'hobble-style'- it is gathered inbetween the legs, having the same effect on the wearer as a 'hobble' has on a horse. It forces the wearer to take very small steps, or they will trip and fall. For shaping the skirt is gathered at the actual waist with a matching belt with a circular gold buckle.