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The Flying Dress

The Flying Dress is a tea or afternoon dress, and is designed to be elegant and understated. It consists of a jacket, a blouse and a skirt. The Jacket is made of navy velvet and is trimmed with navy satin- the collar, the cuffs and two sets of embroidered 'lapels' are made of satin. This jacket is fairly well fitted, and is cinched at the waist with a satin sash. As an interesting touch, the jacket has some dangling 'tips' to it with small navy tassles attatched to them. These can be seen when Jack escorts Rose into the gymnasium and in some promotional pictures from the gymnasium scene.

The bodice is made up chiefly of lace. Many layers of lace (layered upwards) cover a corset-like underbodice.

The skirt is made of navy satin and is floor length. Despite a common misconception, this skirt is not actually a simple straight skirt. It wraps around, and is pulled up and gathered over another layer of skirt mid-calf.

This outfit is finished off with a delicate cream-colored embroidered shawl.