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The Jump Dress

Following the custom of the times, the evening gowns were always the most elaborate in style and in trimmings. The jump dress is an empire waist dress consisting of an elaborate bodice, and underdress, an underskirt, a skirt and an overskirt. The bodice is incredibly elaborate and is almost solidly red and black beads and rhinestones. It was created on a beading loom, not a sewing machine! This bead bodice goes overtop of a chiffon underbodice. This underbodice is relatively loose fitting and is gathered along the neckline and at the sleeves.

The four skirts of the jump dress would have been very fashionable at the time. The underdress is made of a fine red satin or silk and goes to the ground. The underskirt, skirt and overskirt are made of a black chiffon. The underskirt is the same length as the underdress, while the skirt is several inches shorter. The bottom of these two skirts are heavily trimmed with sequins, beads and rhinestones. Each skirt has a row of large circles around the skirt, and each skirt is trimmed with beaded fringe at the hem. This beaded fringe is what creates that memorable 'crunch' as Rose slips on her dress.

The overskirt of this dress meets at the bustline and parts out, ending at mid-thigh. Here it swoops down and around to the back, creating a graceful train. This overskirt is heavily adorned with sequins, beads and rhinestones to give it a distinctive sparkle.

Interesting Fact:

Over 1000 hours of hand bead work went into creating this gown!