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The Lunch Dress

The Lunch Dress is a Tea Dress, made up of many ornate layers of lace and silk. The dress has an empire waist, where the skirt begins just below the bust line. The dress consists mainly of an overdress and an underdress. The underdress is quite simple. It is a basic empire waist gown with a square neckline, made of a fine lime green silk. The sleeves are slightly off the shoulder, and the back is very open. The sleeves join up with tight fitting lace sleeves. This underdress goes down to the ground.

The overdress is the portion of the dress that makes it interesting. It is made up entirely of lace. The bodice is made up of a less ornate, delicate lace. The lower skirt is covered entirely in layer upon layer of heavy, ornate lace. The layers alternate from a leaf-like finish to a zig-zag finish. This lace overskirt goes down to the ground and is cinched at the waist with a bright red sash.

Interesting Fact:

There was originally a hat to go with this outfit, that Rose would throw overboard in disgust. Kate Winslet declared the hat to look like "a pizza", and for some reason or other, the hat never made it into the film.