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The Swim Dress

The swim dress is a delicate afternoon gown. It was designed to make Rose look as if she was floating during the sinking scenes. As was popular at the time, this dress consists of many layers and is empire waisted. This dress is made up of many layers of silk chiffon, especially hand dyed to lightly fade from pastel shades of lavender and pink into white.

The basic style of this dress is a standard empire-waist dress with a square neckline. This dress is mostly white, excepting the sash and the overbodice, and some color at the bottom of some of the layers of the skirt. The overbodice is a delicate lavender color with short sleeves. It is open at the front, exposing the bodice. The part of the bodice near the neckline in adorned with pearls and lace, while the part of the bodice near the sash has a small gathered chiffon band across it. The sash is multi-layered. The top part is made of white silk chiffon, and the bottom is made of pink silk chiffon. The sash wraps around the body right under the bust line. It slants upwards and ties at the back where the skirts and bodice all pull together at one point. From here it flows down to the ground.

The skirt is made up of layer upon layer of silk chiffon- possibly ten or more layers make up this skirt. There is an overskirt that lines up with the edges of the overbodice, creating the illusion of a coat being worn over the dress, cinched in with the sash. This overskirt flows down to the knee, where is curves down and around to the back of the dress, where it pools on the ground to create a train.

Interesting Fact:

26 of these dresses had to be made for the film! The delicate fabric couldn't stand up to all of the stresses put on it because this dress is almost always in the water.