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Titanic Frequently Asked Questions

Have Kate and Leo ever had any kind of romantic relationship?


Will there be a Titanic 2?


Can I use your graphics on my site?

With the exception of the Free Graphics (located on the Free Graphics page), and graphics created to be placed on other sites (Plaques, quiz result graphics, etc.) no.

Where did you get the (insert resource name here) that you used on (insert graphics name here)?

I credit all of the resources I use on the Resources page, located in the Site section under "Links".

Can you make me something?

Unfortunately I really don't have the time to make custom graphics for anyone. I have in the past and I've found it a very tiresome process, usually resulting in minimal amounts of credit for large amounts of work.

How old is (insert character's name here)?

For basic facts on the characters, please look at the "Characters" page, located in the "Basics" section.

Did Rose die at the end or is she just dreaming?

James Cameron has stated that he wishes the viewer to decide this for themselves.

Is Titanic a true story?

The story of the ship is and many of the characters were really on board. However, the love story is completely fictional.

What program do you use to create your graphics?

I use the Adobe CS 5 Suite currently, but some of the older graphics on this site may have been created with Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop Elements.

When did the Titanic sink?

April 15, 1912 at 2:20 AM.

Do you have/Is there a Titanic layout for Neopets/LiveJournal/MySpace?

As I don't use any of these websites, I'm not terribly inclined to create layouts for them. Feel free to use the graphics on the 'Free Graphics' page on any of these sites!

What happens in the alternate ending?

See for yourself! I posted the video in the 'Multimedia' section.

How do you make forms?

Visit LissaExplains!

What is Jack/Rose/Cal/etc. doing right now?

These are all fictional characters, so right now they are simply floating about in the abyss of the fictional world.

How did Jack die?

He got hypothermia and froze to death.

Don't you think (insert name here) is cute?

In my opinion Officer Lightroller is the best looking guy in the movie. Sorry, I just don't have a crush on Leo.

How can I download the video clips?

To download, right click and select "Save Target As".

Can you put the entire movie (video or audio) online?

No. That's just a tad too illegal for me, plus the bandwidth requirements for something like that are insane.

Where can I watch Titanic for free?

You'll have to wait for it to come on TV.

Will there ever be a sequel?

It's very, very doubtful. I'd say 99.9% no.

Would you have gone on the Titanic?

Yes, even if I knew it would sink or even if I would die.

Can you look at my website and tell me what you think?

You can ask, but I'm so busy that I probably won't get back to you, or if I do it will take a really long time.

Can you send me ______?

Probably not.

Some of the deleted scenes are missing.

I know. They wouldn't rip- I don't know why.

Your images are corrupted.

I know. I'm in the process of fixing them.

Is Titanic based on a true story?


Is the Heart of the Ocean real?


Did Jack or Rose really exist?


How many Titanic survivors are still alive?

None, sadly.

What font did you use on this layout?

Take a look at the "About the Layout" page.

How did Jack die?

Hypothermia- he froze to death.

What program do you use to rip your video clips?

#1DVD Ripper.

Where can I find video clips you don't have online?

Try YouTube or rip them yourself.

Can I use your video clips to make a music video/school project/etc.?

Feel free to, though I'd love some credit since I did spend a lot of time on them!

Can you post my Titanic fan video/blend/art/etc. on here?

It's unfortunate, but I have to give a flat-out no. The amount of fan art is so vast that I don't want to post everything that people could send- I'd want to post only the best. And I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings.