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What Titanic Costume are You?

What's your favorite fabric?

Stiff Cotton
Beaded Lace

What do you think of beading, lace and embroidery?

Ugg! Please, no!
Lots of lace, but please, no beads or embroidery.
Beading is awesome, but please, no lace!
Just a little embroidery, please.
Heap on the embroidery and beads, but please, no lace.
A little lace is nice.
Just a little discreet embroidery, please.
Just a little, tiny bit.
Heap it all on!

What's your favorite song off the Titanic soundtracks?

Take Her to Sea, Mr. Murdoch
Jack Dawsons Luck
Leaving Port
Alexanders Rag Time Band
Hymn to the Sea
The Sinking
Distant Memories

What's your favorite color scheme?

Light with Dark Highlights
Light colors
Dark with a darker overtone
Light, with medium highlights
Medium with dark overtones
Rather light, with spring colors
Dark, with different varieties of one shade
Light and self-complementary
Very Light


They're OK
Ooh, they're nice!
I like 'em!
Please, not if I don't have to
Ooh, they're AWESOME!
They're nice
Not really
If it's not too heavy
I LOVE them!

On a regular day, I wear...

Something professional and crisp.
Something nice and fancy.
Something basic with a few nice touches.
Something neat and original
Something fashionable
Something nice
A suit
Something light
The fanciest thing in my closet!

I got the code and tutorial from designs.