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How much do you know about Titanic?

What was Molly Brown called on the real Titanic?

Molly Brown
Ms. Brown
Mrs. M Brown
Margaret Brown

How many times does Rose wear a hat in the original screenplay?

2 times.
1 time.
Every time she is seen on screen.

Rose's dinner dress is made of...

Jaquard and Velvet
Organza and Silk
Chiffon and Taffeta
Chiffon and Silk

The name "Wissota" is refering to a...


J. Dawson was...

A stoker.
A passenger.
A steward.
Rose's true love.

Directly translated, 'La Couer de la Mer' means...

The Blue Diamond
The Heart of the Ocean
The Blue Heart
The Heart of the Sea

I got the code and tutorial from designs.