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How Obsessed are You?

It's the second week of April. That means...

You're just recovering from April fools.
You feel melancholy
You watch Titanic.
The Sailor outfit comes out of the closet.

Someone says to you "Don't let go!" while climbing. You...

Scream out "Thats a Titanic quote!" and spend the rest of the day happy because of it.
Think about Titanic.
Envision Leo's face.
Say "OK, I won't."

You would die happy if...

You passed history.
You could win an award for your Titanic website.
You could star in Titanic 2
Your Titanic hating, Star Wars loving friend would watch Titanic with you and forsake Star Wars for all time.

All your free time is devoted to...

A regular, sane, balanced life.
Titanic! (Like there is anything else!)
Titanic and a couple other things. But mostly Titanic.
Your favorite hobbies, which from time to time include Titanic.

Let's say you sing in the shower. What do you sing?

'My Heart Will go On'
You start off with Titanic but at the end you've moved on.
Titanic and a few other faves.
Something you heard on the radio.

You're planing a party. What do the invitations say?

You're invited!
Let's have some Titanic-sized fun!
Come have a splash!
Wanna go to a real party?

I got the code and tutorial from designs.