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So, who is this mysterious Torli Roberts that runs Make it Count, and has been crazy enough to do so for almost ten years?

Well, first things first, Torli Roberts is a synonym I started using way back in 2002, when the internet wasn't such a trusting place. My real name is Marie, and you can get to know me better through my blog, Humblebee & Me. I'm a 20-something graphic designer, based out of Calgary, Canada, where it is cold for a good portion of the year. I earned my degree (a Bachelor of Design Honours) from the York University/Sheridan College Joint Programme in Design in Toronto, Ontario.

I've always loved the Titanic. I can remember studying bouyancy in the second grade and being asked to make something that would float out of a lump of plastecine. I made the Titanic. Unsurprisingly, it sunk like a rock.

When the film came out I was quickly enamoured with it. That turned to a full-blown obsession pretty quickly, and hasn't stopped since. I started up Make it Count while I was in Junior High, and in the process learned a lot about graphic design, HTML, and web design, ultimately shaping my career choices. I think that's pretty cool.

While I wasn't exactly great at maintaining this site through the tail end of High School and University, I'm back with more free time and a greater understanding of all things online. I've scaled back the time commitment this site requires, and I'm enjoying getting to know Make it Count again. I can't wait for April 2012, when the release of Titanic 3D will spark (or rekindle) a love of Titanic in (hopefully) millions of people.