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Well, Make it Count's got quite a history. Best I can figure, I opened on July 4, 2002. I'd wanted a site for a long time, and I started off in Geocities PageBuilder with, well, some of the ugliest graphics you've probably ever seen. I started off with minimal and very poorly organized content. Needless to say, a lot has changed since then. Make it Count is my first site, and I've learned a lot since I opened.

Shortly after Make it Count opened, I opened up a Star Wars fan site (since closed), a Blend Challenge (since closed) and a Blend Archive (also closed). After about 6 months on Geocities, I moved all my sites over to my first domain, Angel (no longer running). Make it Count 'lived' on Angel Clouds for about 8 months (celebrating it's first Birthday on July 4, 2003), before I decided that Make it Count deserved it's own domain.

So, was born. Or, registered as it were. I registered for one year through Dollar Host (a very reliable company, I highly recommend them). After 3 months on the new domain, I aquired a screen capturing program. I had always wanted Make it Count to have a gallery, so I set to it. I took over 17 000 screen captures from Titanic, dividing them into 42 different scenes. After a couple months of work I had sorted through the first couple scenes and had coded it, and the Make it Count Gallery was born. It was hosted on one of my other domains, Satin (now gone). A couple months later, Make it Count turned 2 on July 4, 2004!

When my first year of hosting with Dollar Host expired, I cancelled hosting with them and moved hosting over to (another hosting company, offering lots of space and bandwidth for a low cost). After a bit of downtime the domain was transferred and everything was moved over. Phew, what a chore. But anyways, here we are! All moved! Thanks to the large amounts of space and bandwidth supplied by, I was able to greatly expand Make it Count's Multimedia section. Make it Count now offers an incredibly extensive gallery, MIDIs, voice clips and video clips, including the rare "My Heart Will Go On" music video. Following the release of the Special Edition DVD on October 25, 2005 the Multimedia section expanded greatly.

As high school picked up, the frequency of my updates steadily decreased. Once I hit university, they stopped completely, except for the very occasional apology for the lack of attention. After I graduated with my Bachelor of Design Honours I decided to re-visit my roots and re-vamp, using all my new-found knowledge. As of this time I won't be doing much updating, but I'm always happy to hear from fellow Titanic fanatics!